Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We heart madison.

As on previous trips to Madison we stayed at the Arbor House in the Monroe Neighborhood during our three nights in Madison. This smaller establishment labels itself as an "environmental inn," which means they have plenty of sunny indoor spaces, sustainable business practices and absolutely scrumptious food. 

In addition to a full breakfast every day (with an ever changing menu depending on who's cooking that day) they have a small cocktail/wine spread each evening, and a "sweet treat" every night. It's also great that there's a full kitchen that you can use (great for storing and eating leftovers) along with hot/iced tea, filtered water and lemonade always available. They also have a sauna, which we always intend to use but have never actually made it into. We really love staying there (this was our third visit) and will definitely go back again. 

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