Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Salmon Chase.

So it's become abundantly clear after my last 5k, all the way back in April, that without a race on the horizon my training falls off. Couple that with some problems with the nerve damage in my hip and the beginning of a stress fracture in my foot, and well, I haven't been working out at all.

My doctor told me I needed to back off a little to keep my foot from getting worse. So I did. Except then it turned into a big break. And I don't feel as good when I'm not getting regular exercise. I struggle with anxiety issues and high endorphiny (totally a word) exercise helps keep that anxiety in check. The N-boy and I have been walking but it just doesn't do the same thing for me as running or spinning.

I'll start spinning classes again in the fall, but in the meantime I need to get back into a running routine and sign up for a race to keep me motivated for the rest of the summer!

The race I'm going with is the Salmon Chase. Last year I ran the 5k. I don't know whether I should run the 5k again this year, or go for the 10k. Registration isn't open yet so I still have some time to decide while I get back on a regular workout schedule.

I went for a two mile run on Sunday. On Floyd the Treadmill because it is so darned hot outside. It went MUCH better than I expected. I took one of my prescription pain pills ahead of time (as per my doc) and didn't have any hip or foot pain at all. So for this week (Monday-Sunday) I'm hoping to accomplish (in no particular order):

  • 2 mile run
  • 2.25 mile run
  • 2.5 mile run
  • Kripalu yoga class
  • 3 mile walk
  • 4 mile walk


  1. You should mix in swimming or rowing in that plan. You get a low impact full body workout. I can even recommend a coach to get you in rowing shape :D

    1. A rowing coach that is three time zones away?? Super helpful as always, baby brother.

    2. She's only 1 timezone away, you'd just have to take a trip to Chicago.

  2. I think cross training is a great idea!

    1. Don't worry mom, I'll start spinning classes again in the fall. That will totally count as cross training!

  3. Hope you are able to get better soon and do your races. It has been terribly hot in NE for heat making cycling really hard. I started doing some running until the hornets at the high school track scared me off..LOL.

    It's cooled off today and the southern part of the bike trail is now open so I'm planning on sneaking out for a 20 mile ride on Big Blue (bike in my profile).

    Again, good luck!


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