Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I think that the N-boy coming home from Russia has been a rough transition-on both of us. Last week we had a morning where he somehow managed to be standing EXACTLY where I needed to be each time I went into the kitchen (and this was when I was trying to get my morning coffee-not a good scenario). And then there was the day he turned to me and said astonished, "Joe Paterno is dead?"-American football stories somehow didn't make the provincial Russian news. Go figure.

But, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure he thinks I secretly rearranged all the kitchen cabinets so he couldn't find the shredded coconut, I'm happy he's home. Very happy.

And here's why:

5. Drinking glass round-up. I am NOTORIOUS for leaving water glasses all over the house. Like to the point that I sometimes run out of glasses. Now I have a drinking glass wrangler who follows me and rounds them up. Or at the very least instructs me to go round them up.

4. I'm no longer the only person responsible for the cats. For feeding, loving, snuggling, changing the litter and cleaning up hairballs. I love our cats, but I much prefer the one cat per human ratio to being out numbered.

3. Driving the car. We got out together and take the car, he drives. While I still drive to work and if I'm out on my own (obviously), it's nice to be driven around when we're out together.

2. We waited to meet our BabyNiece until he was home. And when we were there, he pretended to be a moose and made up a little song to make her stop crying. It was adorable.

1. We got new iphones as soon as he got home. I'm in love with Siri. As is he. It's a complicated relationship.

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