Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Road Trip-Monday Part 1

Monday morning we decided to head out of the city for a little bit. The N-boy remembered a place he'd visited years ago with one of his brothers and thought I'd enjoy it. After a few wrong turns, we ended up here at

Everything here is sculpted from scrap pieces and other discarded items. A lot of the metal came from the now defunct munitions plant directly across the highway. 

We had a little trouble finding the actual entrance at first. These first few pictures are from the display along the road, but when we pulled in we found the entrance gate locked.

After a little help from Siri, we figured out that we could get in through the scrap yard attached to the surplus store next door. Which was completely legit, since as soon as we opened our car doors a very nice stranger figured that's why we were there and sent us in the right direction.

These next shots are some of the sculptures inside the park. 

I think this one looks like Daddo. Yes?

Hmm...this one kind of does too!

I also took some pictures of the items waiting for sculpting. 

It was just so amazing; these pictures do not at all do them justice. I actually have at least 20 more pictures from inside the park (we were there for about an hour), but just chose some of my favorite to highlight here. If you're ever up in Madison, it's WELL worth the short trip outside of the city to see Dr. Evermore's work.


  1. I feel like I just finished the move Robots with Keaton.

    1. Dang.. iPhone..... *Movie


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