Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Road Trip-Monday Part 2

So after we tore ourselves away from Dr. Evermore's art work on Monday morning we headed into Devil's Lake State Park, which was just a few miles away. After a few wrong turns (seemed to be our theme for the morning) due to poorly placed park signs, we ended up on the road that goes around the park. One of the best things about this park was that there was a road that you could take, without paying the park entrance fee, that took you throughout the entire park. So many times you have to pay to get into the park at all. Since we just wanted to drive through and didn't want to stop and spend any time there (not in that heat at least!) this was a perfect solution for us. 

After the park we headed over to the Merrimac Ferry, a free ferry that crosses the Wisconsin River. 

Fluffy had never been on a ferry before, but she had a lovely trip. 

After safely disembarking from the ferry we headed back into Madison where we had a quick regrouping before heading out for quiet family time at a coffee shop down on State Street. How glorious it was to be in a place where we could walk through downtown and have a selection of quaint little coffee shops to choose from. Oh Madison, how we love you.

We settled in at Michelangelo's for a pleasant afternoon of iced coffee, free wifi and and a yummy cranberry oatmeal cookie.

Once we'd had our fill of caffeine we headed over to a favorite microbrewery, The Great Dane.

Even though it was still pretty hot outside we decided to sit back in the beer garden. We had the garden to ourselves, which really mean we were the only patrons stupid enough to want to sit outside in 95 degree weather.

 Beer, hard cider and salads were consumed. 

We ended the evening with a walk along State Street, where I had to be forcibly pulled away from these amazing shoes in Urban Outfitters. But I think I might sneak off to the store in South Bend when we get back to see if I can find them while unsupervised!

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  1. The salads look scrumptious - but I do love the shoes!


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