Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Road Trip-Wednesday (Fourth of July)

Tuesday we left Madison and drove up to Green Bay. We stopped at a few stores along the way, but nothing was particularly photographable. Unless you really wanted to see a picture of the N-boy refusing to go into the American Girl outlet store with me.

As per what seems to have become our own little tradition we spent the fourth of July up in Door County. Unfortunately, the N-boy's dad pulled his back that morning and couldn't go with us, but we still had a good time with his mom.

Someone was clearly in a festive holiday mood. 

We had two places we wanted to be sure to get to: a market with lots of samples and a winery. We decided to show good judgement and hit up the samples before doing any wine tasting.

We always stop at Wood Orchard Market located just north of Egg Harbor. 

They were appropriately festive outside with a chalk sign, and inside with lots of yummy cherry and raspberry based items to sample. We ended up with our old standby of raspberry salsa, and a new favorite of cherry butter.

We ended up driving a little further up up to Fish Creek for lunch before turning back and heading towards Door Peninsula Winery.

Why yes, it was highly festive. And we bought a few bottles.

And for the second time in two days, great restraint was shown.

After extravagant sampling (at least by me) we got back in the car where I promptly fell asleep on the way back down to Green Bay. I woke up only when we arrived at the grocery store (the aptly named Festival Foods) to buy more Wisconsin alcohol (New Glarus beer).

Once we got back to the house I headed out to the patio to relax with my books! 

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